Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An Afternoon on Fountainhead Lake

Just a few photos of Monday's kayaking trip at Fountainhead Lake It was Steve's first time trying this and although he was initially a little wary, scared of tipping over, he was soon paddling like a pro, except for a few mishaps while turning. The weather was perfect and there were few other people on the lake. The fish were jumping and the dragonflies whisked back and forth over our boats. I only took the G15 with me to capture shots and have to admit that after using the Sony for so long, it seemed strange using a little camera again, but it was handy having the zoom on it so I was able to capture some wildlife.
I really wanted this chunk of quartz but the wall wasn't giving it up so I had to make do with a photo.
We saw a lot of blue herons and every one as usual had to rasp and croak its displeasure at being disturbed. I bet they yearn for 8pm when the park closes!
The swinging bench looked comfy and had a wonderful view over the lake. This huge turtle gave us an unsure sideways look but held fast to his branch after all of his buddies had plopped under the water as we approached. On the way back, we gave him a wide berth, not wanting to disturb his determined sunbathing.
I took my new waterproof case for my iPhone along too and tested it under the water. It was better than my previous cases and I'm excited to use it next weekend when I have a trip planned to return and explore some old ghost ships.
We had a few hours paddling and Steve was so impressed, he's now considering a kayak for fishing. Another paddling buddy achieved!

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