Thursday, July 2, 2015

Plastic Ruins and Silky Waters

I met with Urbexia at the weekend to have a fleeting look around the plastics factory. It was now heavily damaged, the vandals having smashed every window and piece of furniture, shelves overturned, products thrown across floors and out of windows and even some of the heavy machinery had vanished. I was sad to see this demise in such a short space of time and thought to myself that this would likely be my last visit.
I didn't take many photos this time and we didn't stay very long. Our moods matched the solemn weather as we quietly left in the heavy rain. We decided to explore a few antique and flea markets which cheered us up a bit.
Margie found this awesome money bank for $6. I was quite envious and loved its deep tones as it almost seemed to berate you for dropping money in the slot as though it really didn't want to be woken up.
On Sunday I left the crew and headed home choosing the long way home. There had been some heavy storms and i was hoping to find a river with rocks so I could practice using my variable density filter. I had a fun time driving through West Virginia, stopping every now and then to inspect a building or sign of interest, but there was no fast running water tumbling over rocks to be seen. I saw plenty of spots where the river was very high, overflowing banks with dense brown water, but no rocky patches.
I followed the Potomac along winding roads, past Romney, and then as I passed a place called Pancake and entered another called Sector I saw and heard what I was looking for. White water racing over rocks, splashing against the muddy banks ,and down a creek that I could see met with the wider slower Potomac River. And there was easy access to the bank. I got my tripod and feet a little wet but for the most part I managed to stay dry and didn't tip into the drink, as I'd envisaged happening. I spent a very pleasant hour or so sitting, squatting or standing, clutching my camera and tripod fiercely, or if I had to let them stand free due to fear of blurring the shot, then I clung grimly onto the camera strap, terrified I might have my most prized possession swept away. But it was all worth it, and I was pretty pleased with my first proper attempt at using this filter. Still a lot to learn but the overall effect was what I was looking for.
Once I'd used up one battery I decided to call it a day as I wanted to ensure I had power to catch any other images I might see on the still lengthy drive home.
A cute family portrait.
I loved these two scenes in WV before I crossed back over into VA. It didn't take too long to get home and I spotted a few rusticy country things that will prompt another trip out this way in the future. So much exploring to do and so little time!

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