Monday, May 11, 2015

Blooms at Sunset

At camera club on Tuesday evening everyone was in the mood for flowers. Blandy was in full bloom with its spring flowers and I rushed to get there after work so I shoot some quick shots before the sun set. I arrived to find others out in the gardens crouched down or hunched over, busy creating their petal portraits.
 I only took a few that I was pleased with but just a couple of days later I was driving to meet Janice so we could photograph the Trilliums before it got dark. I'd photographed these last year, click here, but then my subjects had been wearing water droplets had been after a heavy thunderstorm, and today I was hoping for some more sunshiney shots.
 I grabbed a quick shot from Fox Meadow Winery on my way. One day I'll stop here and see if their wines are as wonderful as their views, but I had no time today.
I pulled up in the parking lot and could see that the Trilliums were in full bloom. But the poor things had taken a battering. It had rained heavily the day before and many of the flowers looked worse for wear but were still standing proudly, holding their tattered petals aloft like battle banners.
I started walking down one of the paths focusing on the blooms that were intact and had good lighting. It was a pretty challenging task.

I think I did OK and was satisfied as the last rays of sun dropped below the horizon. and my reward had been the discovery of a small cluster of Showy Orchis, hiding behind some large green leaves under a tree.

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