Monday, March 9, 2015

Cat Camping

One of my work colleagues sent me a link on how to make a cat bed out of a t-shirt so while being trapped in the house due to a snow storm, I thought I'd give it a go. The link she sent is here and my efforts are below. Of course having two cats meant that I had to make two tents at the same time.
These are the tools I used; an awl, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, packing tape and duct tape. I also had a large cardboard box, 2 t-shirts and 4 wire hangers.
 I was using size Large t-shirts so I cut my pieces of card as roughly 15" wide squares. I used 2 pieces for each tent and then placed them so the bends in the card ran in adjacent directions. This made a stronger base. I then used packing tape to secure the 2 pieces together.
2 wire hangers are used for each tent and I cut the tops of those off just below the twisted part. Using the pliers I straightened each hanger out but wasn't too fussy.
 At each corner of the base, about 1" in from the edge, I used the awl to push a hole for the wire hanger. Threading each hanger through opposite corners, I then bent each end under by about 1.5" - 2.0". Then using 2 thin strips of duct tape I secured the 2 hangers together at the top so they formed a dome shape.
 The hangers had sharp ends where I'd cut them so I made small 'pads' of duct tap which I then taped down over the ends of wire using strips of duct tape. Don't use masking tape or packing tape for this as you'll find that the stronger adhesive quality of the duct tape is needed to secure the wire frame to the base.
Then lastly I pulled a shirt over the wire frame so the neck became the tent opening. I used packing tape to secure the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt to the underside of the base. This way I can remove the shirt to wash or replace with a clean one.
And then the fun part! I placed them on the floor and Kota, who had been my eager helper and observer throughout the whole process, was anxious to get started with the final inspection.
First one tent....
 ...and then the other.
 And then he happily settled down into the first one he'd checked out. No idea why. Cats...
Rosie Lee on the other hand wanted no part of them. She made a big show of avoiding the tents even when treats were placed just inside the opening. I only caught this photo of her by a stroke of luck. She moved in and out of the tent so fast that I nearly missed the shot.
I guess the second tent will have to be put up 'for rent'..

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