Friday, September 19, 2014

Rain and Relaxation

I opted to have a low key weekend as work had been hectic and my energy levels were way down. Saturday was a rainy day and after such a busy week I really didn't want to go racing off on an adventure so I opted to snuggle on the sofa with Kota and Rosie Lee, dozing and watching movies while the rain pelted down on the roof. It was glorious to be so lazy and I think the cats were pleased to have me at home, both of them pushing and shoving so they could be next to me or on top of me.
Most of the had had passed before the rain eased off and then I pulled on boots and stepped outside, both of the cats looking at me incredulously. I was back within an hour and below are my photos taken around Meadow House. Nothing more to report from this weekend!
 A single thick thread running from a branch to the ground caught my eye and as I bent down to see where it went I came face to face with this black and yellow garden spider nearly an inch long, the biggest I've ever seen. It gave me quite a jolt because it was so huge, and it sat dead center in the middle of a huge web, also made of thick fibers. This guy wasn't catching insects, he was after the neighbor's dog, I'm sure of it.

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