Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Serendipitous Saturday

Early on Saturday I got up and attended to the cats' every needs before they let me relax again. Once they were satisfied, I curled back into bed with a cup of tea and read for a while, then surprised myself by nodding back off to sleep for an hour. I must have needed it! I then had to run errands, getting more plants for the patio, dropping my bike off for repairs, grocery shopping, just general running around.
I knew the day was going well when I bought some really cheap bedding plants including one of the sturdiest tomato plants I've ever seen, which was already flowering, an almost sure fire guarantee of fruit. I then got a great bargain with some summer clothing, and as I was driving back towards Marshall, I felt an urge to check my phone. Sure enough there was a message from the bike shop who had already repaired my bike very cheaply. I was also aware that Joanna's, the craft store, was urging me to step through their doors, and on doing so I found that they were having a plant pot sale with 70% off. And they had a couple left in just the sizes I needed. I got back to Marshall where my Food Lion was having a rare sale on gas canisters. This is my first canister change in nearly 4 years so fate was on my side again. And then to wrap up my lucky shopping spree I got some edamine plants reduced by the guy on the register at a local store and felt that on my way home I really should buy a lottery ticket. (Which failed to bring a windfall when I later checked it, but whatever.)
I then spent a happy afternoon pottering about on the patio, planting and arranging my plants. Despite having had such a late start this year, they're coming on great. Everything is growing well and I'm looking forward to eventually picking my crops.  My basil and cilantro have grown well and I've used them a lot, so much so that I've also bought seeds which I will plant soon to replace the plants once they're depleted. I also have thyme and chives and would like more herbs but simply don't have the time to do the cooking so they could all be used. But I have green beans, edamame, orange peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, white corn, potatoes and okra to look forward too, with more potatoes seeding in the laundry closet, to be planted in a week or so.
I was a very contented bunny as I sat later on the patio after grilling some fresh organic salmon which I ate with a huge pile of salad and a glass of red wine. Or maybe two....

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