Friday, May 30, 2014

A Tom Selleck Outing and Potting on the Patio

On Sunday I loaded up Big Red on top of Stuart and drove to Fountainhead to meet a group doing the 3rd Annual Tom Selleck Mustache and  Hawaiian Shirt Paddle.
I passed this motorbike with an incredibly huge flag flapping noisily from the back and seriously wondered how on earth he managed to keep his wheels on the tarmac. I kept them in view for a while as I'd never seen a motorbike paraglide before and I wanted photos. But they remained steadfastedly earthbound, I know not how, and I reluctantly left them behind, wistfully checking my rear view mirror in case a gusty blast lifted them skyward. I found out later that they were heading down to DC where the Rolling Thunder ride was taking place.
I arrived at the marina and met Kay, a kayaking buddy. This was also her first time at this event and we were looking forward to it. I had on the loudest brightest shirt I could find and even decorated my boat with leis, a pink flamingo and a palm tree. Hector, the organizer, was thrilled at my gaily colored kayak and said next year, he'd have a prize for best decorated boat.
Above, I'm with Big Red, who coincidentally was parked next to a kayak called Little Blue.
Hector handed out little bags with our Tom Selleck kit. I was really impressed with it, he'd gone to a lot of effort. and then we pushed off, paddling for a few miles  to a beach where we would stop and judge everyone's shirts.
It was a beautiful day, and we all enjoyed chatting and catching up on news with pals we hadn't seen for a while. Big Red got lots of compliments and I have to admit I did feel rather chuffed at the way he stood out. Some of the group were on paddle boards, which caught my interest. May have to have a go on those one weekend, although Celeste told me it's a lot harder than kayaking.
 Our awesome organizer, Hector, and Celeste posing with Tom between them. We all clamored for our photo with Tom and stood waiting impatiently, pushing our moustaches to our lips to stop them falling off.I really don't know how guys put up with these things. Us girls were constantly wrinkling our noses and fussing because they tickled so much.
 Time for selfies! I grinned as I watched Kay take hers and promptly got my phone out to take mine.
And then we all had to clap for prettiest and ugliest shirt which received prizes of a stuffed furry Doberman dog and pink plastic flamingos. Nice!
 Group photo time and a shot of where it where it was taken from. Glad I didn't offer, that water was freezing!
Had to take another photo, before we paddled back to the marina, of Big Red looking gorgeous although my palm tree had keeled over. I'll give this some considerable thought for next year because if there's going to be a Decorated Boat category, I'm going overboard with decorations, 'scuse the pun!
Memorial Day Monday was going to be a day spent at home. Because of my illness I'd lost a lot of time usually spent on my patio, potting plants and dragging my table and chairs out, so I had to get a move on.
Both Rosie Lee and Kota decided to stay indoors out of the bright sun. Rosie Lee nabbed the open window in the bathroom to get some fresh air while Kota sat halfway out of the cat flap to get his. What a pair!
So I just took a few photos to get started. I want the plants to look a little more established before I take better photos, and I still need to pot more. I also discovered that one of my tree trunks that I use as pot holders has become an ants nest but as I started to roll it away I saw a streak of something shiny from the corner of my eye. I discovered that I have a very cute lizard with a metallic cyan tail living in the tree trunk, so not wanting to wreck his home and food source, I rolled it to the edge of the patio and worked around it. I hope to get photos of him later.
Maggi was very sweet, knocking on my door and presenting me with a huge bunch of peonies. A lovely way to end the weekend, and it was heaven later that evening as I sat down to rest my aching back, with a large glass of red and breathed in the wonderous scent that had filled the room from the bouquet.

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