Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Lot of Snow in Marshall

The snow started on Wednesday night and dumped a good few inches over most of Virginia and the upper east coast. It continued Thursday, easing off around noon. We had a good 15 inches or more, it came up to my knees.
Of course the birds had to be fed and the crows were very grateful for the many nuts I threw outside.
I went outside with my camera and immediately found that my boots were not adequate, they just filled up with snow. I'd cleared an area for the birds and shoveled the snow away that had built up against the front door, cutting a path to Stuart and digging around him, he was half buried in a drift.  but as soon as I started walking in the snow I developed a severe balance problem. The wind was howling, pushing me around, and then as I started walking, I felt a pain in my knees from the crust of snow that had frozen to ice. I had to keep pushing forward and leaning into the snow to remain upright and after a while that hurt. I walked around Meadow House and the barn before giving up, it was just too cold and uncomfortable.
Sodden gloves drying on the fire and a hot drink for me, a large drinking chocolate with a good shot of blackberry brandy, my latest concoction that I can't stop supping.
Mid afternoon I heard a rumble and saw a tractor out the front. He cleared a path up the hill and pushed a lot of the snow from out the front of the house but still left a good 3" on the ground. And then just as he left the snow started falling again and continued through the evening. I knew I'd be doing a lot of shoveling the next day.
Kota and Rosie Lee showing their annoyance at the snow, which was keeping them housebound for a few days. But plenty of food, treats, fluffy soft blankets and a hot fire can't be all bad!

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