Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow and Ice at Meadow House

Sunday evening was very very cold, a dusting of snow carpeted the ground, and we went to bed knowing that there would an ice storm overnight. Sure enough as the morning dawned it was obvious everything had frozen solid. I had planned ahead, got plenty of groceries and stacked firewood indoors, so there was no need to venture out except to scatter seed and put a dish of water out for the birds and squirrels. I worked from home but in the early afternoon I had to go out and take photos, wrapping up warm and stuffing hand warmers in my pockets.
It was beautifully peaceful outside, the only sounds were of branches tinkling and shards of icy glass shattering as they slid off the trees. I occasionally heard what I thought were gunshots but then stopped in my tracks as in front of me a large branch was wrenched from its trunk by its heavy load of snow and ice, an earsplitting crack echoed through the wood as it hit the ground.
The cats made the most of the winter weather by practicing their hibernation skills, snuggling up in the fleece and sleeping nearly every minute of the day.
Then the snow came again overnight, and the ice was completely covered by four inches of white fluffy powder. Another day of working from home, and none of my neighbors were leaving their homes either. Again, I stayed indoors until mid afternoon when once more I had to grab my camera and venture outdoors. This time it was warmer and the snow along with the ice was dripping, or dropping long slivers of ice to the ground, the sun glittering and glistening like diamonds.
It was a beautiful wonderland but even though the road was beginning to thaw, there wasn't enough daylight left or enough heat from the sun to disperse the water and I knew it would be solid ice again in the morning.The temperatures never really rose above freezing all week and it wasn't until Thursday, with the snow and ice still clinging to the ground, when I was able to get off the hill. Freedom!

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