Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Truck Farm Revisited

Saturday was a brisk and breezy day and I met with friends to drive back down to the old truck farm. We were all hoping that the recent colder temperatures had been enough to eliminate the ticks. I had picked up quite a few on my last visit and had no intention of acting as host for a second time. I was fully prepared with plenty of bug repellant and also hand warmers for my wussy paws. Both cameras were fully charged and I was looking forward to seeing folks who I hadn't seen for a while. The only down side was that about 50 or so people had signed up for this event but we were relieved to discover that it was us and only a handful of others.
We arrived mid afternoon and were planning on staying through after dark to do some light painting. We all spread out and started clicking. 
As the sun started to set we raced to catch the wonderful reflections on windows and grills but the light was fading fast. The last rays disappeared and then we discussed how to start the light painting. I have a really cool set of 3 lights that change color but was really annoyed to find that the battery power was low in them so they were pretty much useless. I haven't done any light painting in a long time but was so fed up that I hadn't checked them beforehand.
This was Cindy waving my red light in the windscreen before it conked out completely. Some of the group decided to head to one of the garages but I wanted to paint one more old truck.
I also have a flashlight that changes into a few colors so I painted this truck red and blue, and placed a small light behind its headlight casing.
The others were behind the garage and were setting up tripods to paint this old dairy van. They didn't seem to like using color much so I only got the one shot of it when I painted it pink. We put a flashlight inside the cab too.
A red light in the cab and then it was painted with a regular flashlight. The photo above that is a Photoshop image that I played with to change the lighting.
We took some of cars in the garage and then I wandered off on my own, as did Jenn, to do our own thing.
I didn't take too many photos on my own as it got a bit creepy in the fields with the woods so close by and it being so dark. The silence was intimidating and I kept imagining shapes as my flash light lit up the edge of the woods. I came across Jenn painting an old fire engine but couldn't see the others so after looking around for them I eventually found them by our cars, ready to go. We all wanted food and beer so drove to a family restaurant where we all warmed up with a hot meal.
This place is such a draw and I know I'll be back again, but for me the best thing was that it got me in the mood for light painting again so I'll be buying new batteries and painting more things in the near future. And as a very welcome bonus, the only things I brought home were photos on my cameras, and no ticks!

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