Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wrapping A House Before The Fog

Back at the house on Saturday for some more building. It was a beautiful day albeit a little chilly but the sun shone all day.
 The boys took some time getting going on their side, too much sitting around as far as I can see! But before long everyone was busy and the hammers could be heard resounding all over. I'm actually amazed at how many nails have gone into this house so far, there hasn't been a single day when I haven't whacked a couple of handfuls of nails into wood.
 One of my jobs this morning was to string up some lighting in the crawl space under the house. We did the guys side as well and Irene showed her tidy housewife skills by picking up the few pieces of trash down there along with loose nails that she found on the floor.
 Pam and her husband provided lunch today, a wonderful chilli with cornbread and a delicious selection of home baked cookies.
 Our task after lunch was to wrap the house for additional protection against the damp. Quite a lot of the supplies are donated by various companies, some we can use, a few we can't, but they all have to be checked. Bill and Ruth are checking the wrap here and this donation was a quality one, Protection Plus was featured on the label.
 Rob and Bill started unrolling the wrap while us girls held it in place and made sure no wrinkles were present.

 We needed many hands for this as countless nails, we called them button nails, had to be hammered in place at 16" intervals marked by black diamonds on the wrap.

All the openings in the walls had to be cut out and the edges protected by folding the wrap over them and nailed in place.
 I found this photo from a few weeks ago which I hadn't posted. I'm hoping I'll see a few more of me on line but none of the house build have been posted by other members recently. The new house owner to be is on the right.
We only got a couple of the walls wrapped so that will need to be completed this coming weekend which shouldn't be an issue as more sunny weather is forecast.
I noticed that Bill's boots despite picking up mud and straw were still relatively clean. Mine were filthy and at times it felt as though I had 5lbs of mud stuck to the bottom of each foot. We had to be careful with the ladders as the feet would sink a couple of inches. This will continue to be an issue as we have more rain forecast for the next few days. I may need waders next time...
 Sunday was a miserable day. I had been hoping to take the new bike out for a test ride but the thick fog put paid to that. There was also a very fine but constant drizzle throughout the day, not ideal weather to be outdoors at all. So I just went for a short drive around the country lanes hoping to maybe check out a couple of abandoned houses but after standing outside the car for more than a couple of minutes, the fine rain was soaking me and I worried about my camera so I only took a few quick shots as I slowly trundled round the lanes.

Eventually I gave up and drove back home. It was impossible to produce any creative shots where I needed some time to compose the pictures. When I got home, both Kota and Rosie were hogging the fire and had obviously but sensibly given up any ideas of venturing outside. So I took the only logical action and joined them, spending the rest of the afternoon kicking back and being lazy.

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