Friday, August 3, 2012

A Night with the Nationals

Boss Man gave me tickets for a baseball game on Tuesday night so I went with Margie, Steve and  Jason. We were looking forward to the game as the Nats are currently top of the league and have been playing superbly this season.
 They were playing the Phillies tonight and the place was packed and a little rowdy. I had great fun hissing at Phillies fans as they walked past while we got our beers, and they all took it in good fun. Getting to our seats I looked along the row as I sat down and locked eyes with a Phillies fan a few seats along. He immediately recognized me from my hissing and cried, "Oh no, not you!" and we both burst out laughing. The game started as it meant to go on with the Phillies taking the lead and the Nats failing to 'ignite their Natitude'.
Margie and I decided to walk around the stadium and take some photos from the higher seats.

 We got as high as we could go and looked down upon the players, now as tiny as ants. Marjie had been on a tour of the stadium a few days before and dropped lots of interesting tidbits, such as the grass has 3 different grass patterns which are changed every 4 days.

The green 'grass' area top right of the photo above is actually artificial turf, a muted plain area which serves as a perfect backdrop behind the pitcher so the batter can see the ball more easily, albeit the ball travels at around 100 mph during each pitch.

 Quite a few folks started leaving before the game's end as the Nats were playing pretty badly but we stayed until the bitter end to see the final score of 8-0 to the Phillies. The report is here. The game may have been bad but we still had a fun evening, and the Nationals are still a great team. We'll be back!

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