Thursday, June 21, 2012

Staying Close to Home

I was going down to watch a movie at Artomatic on Saturday afternoon but on waking up early in the morning, I had plenty of time to get other things done. Both the cats had a vet appointment but I reckoned I could pedal a few miles before we were due there. I jumped on the bike and set off. I turned off onto what had looked like a road on Google maps but what was really no more than a gravel track. Undaunted I continued and soon found that the next road was gravel too. I still continued and managed to keep pedaling on my narrow tires. I was doing really well and liked to think that the reason I persisted in going forwards was due to my skill at handling my bike and not pure stupidity. I passed very little traffic, it felt as though I had the whole world to myself and all I could hear was the hum and chirping of insects and the crunching underneath my wheels.
The scenery was beautiful and after about halfway round my route I came across smooth tarmac again and was able to travel faster. This ride was more arduous than last weeks but one I'll definitely ride again. I got home in less than 2 hours after 16 miles and with time to jump in the shower before we were due at the vets.
Rosie was having booster shots and behaved impeccably but Kota was like a demon from Hell. He yowled constantly, hissed and screamed, all over an exam and 1 shot. He wore me, the vet and her 2 assistants down and had to suffer the indignity of finishing his exam with a towel over his head. Rosie watched placidly in silence with rather, so I thought, a smug expression on her face. We all got home eventually, got out of the car and parted from each other in opposite directions. Rosie to bedroom, Kota to the barn and me to the fridge for a beer. I think we were all frazzled. I gave up the idea of going into DC since I would now miss a good part of the screening and instead focused on taking some photos around Meadow House.
Kota followed me around and soon we were also accompanied by a thrush who fluttered from tree to tree and very noisily asked us to leave, actually coming down to the lower branches to try and intimidate us. She bothered me a lot more than Kota who never once gave her a glance. My phone chimed as we walked round and I saw that Lewis had sent a photo of himself by my wall at Artomatic. I'd completely forgotten about my friends down there and resolved to try and find the movie on line which they had seen. A trailer is on the link below:
On Sunday I decided to continue my leisurely weekend with a trip to Front Royal and visit a flea market as well as scouring the thrift and antique stores.
I saw this old school desk in the back of a truck and asked the price thinking it would be about $35. I was amazed when they only asked for $5. I've always wanted one of these, they're so much more interesting than old English school desks. I was rather concerned about whether I'd actually be able to sit at it but was petrified that I might end up doing a Jake from The Blues Brothers so abstained from trying it out until I got home. But bonus! I sat at it easily and it was very comfy.
On the way home I nearly missed a yard sale. I regretted driving in once I noticed that it was mainly beat up tools and engine parts but then I spied these sturdy old wooden boxes. These sell for a fortune up in Middleburg and surrounding areas but I got all 5 for $13. Great for doubling as storage and a room divider.
 I did a double take when I saw this potting compost. I finished the day with getting some cilantro and basil plants and found an old cheese can to use as a plant pot indoors.
It was lovely to sit and enjoy the late afternoon sun. The cats were stretched out on the patio at my feet and I sat with feet up sipping on a cold beer and loving the bright colors and lush vegetation surrounding me. The peacocks yowled and honked across the hill and I sat so still that a young buck came close by grazing on the tall grass in the meadow. He looked up and directly at me when I called softly but didn't run. He carried on munching but then Rosie got up and a second later we saw him jump away, a quick white flash as he lifted his tail in warning. Soon the lightning bugs started blinking, increasing in numbers as dusk grew darker, and  the weekend came to a close.

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