Monday, May 14, 2012

Installation Complete at Artomatic

So a couple of weeks have gone by with sparse entries to the blog but now The Wall is complete and my life can resume some sort of normality. I went down on Friday after work with the final pieces and set about touching up the paintwork and hammering a few nails into the wall. I met one of the staff who told me that when I had first painted my wall and left it with the painted chair in front, it had raised a few questions from a group of staff. They'd stood in a group rubbing chins, staring at the wall, thinking that the art was complete, and wondering if I would maybe hang the chair on the middle of the wall or whether it would remain on the floor. Apparently a decision hadn't been agreed by the whole group apart from the fact they all liked the color. I was doubled up laughing when I heard this tale. Artomatic has some weird and wonderful exhibits, making it easy to assume that an unfinished piece is complete.
Terry and John were back there also along with a few more faces that I recognized so it was going to be a fun few hours. We chatted as we worked and before long with no hitches whatsoever, I was finished. I was stoked that I was done early yet walked back and forth a few times not believing it, and checking in bags to see if I'd forgotten anything. So then, eager to leave and not get caught in traffic, I snapped some images on my phone so you can see what's been keeping me busy these past few weeks.
 The Wall. Note how empty the wall next to me is and how bare the open space is outside of my room. This means there was going to be a lot of action there during the next and last 2 days of installation.
A few photos, some framed and some printed on aluminum, some painted mirror tiles, a few pieces of pottery, a wind chime, a piece of stained glass and a stuffed toy. All part of the Meadow House theme. All in place and now I'm looking forward to seeing all the other exhibits once the show opens on the 18th.

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