Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fire Pit Flames with Friends

Before the weekend Rob kindly chopped up a load of pine for me that would burn well in the fire pit. It nearly filled the bed of his truck.
Sunday morning we stacked them inside my shed, nice and dry and ready to burn on eagerly awaited crisp autumn afternoons and evenings.
We tried a few logs out though on Saturday evening and christened the fire pit. Kota came and joined us sitting happily on my knee and we all sat in contented silence staring into the flames.
Sunday afternoon, cutting some green branches for toasting marshmallows on, and then everyone arrived!
 It was actually well into the 70's that afternoon so we all sat under the dogwood trees chatting and patiently waiting for the temperature to drop a little. Max suggested going down to the pond to see the fishes which we did and Luke came along too.
They both learned how to skim flat stones across the top of the water and a little later Jim and Peyton joined us.
Busy hunting for the perfect stones.
Jim was managing to impress us by skimming his all the way over the pond so they landed on the far beach. None of us could come even remotely close to matching him. Then we wandered back and decided to get the grill going.
Scott is the unbeaten Grill Master and wasn't even slightly perturbed when the grill caught alight. He cooked steaks, chicken and hot dogs to perfection while we let potatoes wrapped in foil bake in the fire pit.
Of course my chocolate buddy enjoyed dessert and even managed two helpings.
Kota was Chief Plate Washer and set about the task with unabated relish.
Chillin', grinnin' and gazing into space.
Then it was time for presents. We haven't been too good at getting together for birthdays this year so Kim, Jim and I had gifts to open. 
Kimmie opening her Betty Boop wind chimes from Debbie & Jim. I think she was pleased!
I got my little red wagon so Kota and I can trundle around picking up firewood and anything else that I find to decorate the house. It came equiped with a Redskins fleece.
Waiting for us to finish so Jim can open his present.
I got Jim a Free Country jacket. He was chuffed.
Luke, Max and Peyton came with me to pick up some wood near The Lanes.
A grin from Rob.
We all decided to go for a stroll to ward off any snooze tendencies after eating so much. Kota came too.
Maggi had let her peacocks out for some exercise and Max had spotted them walking towards us. They turned around when they saw our large group approaching so we followed them slowly into the fields.
As dusk fell we threw more wood on the fire and the kids got excited about toasting marshmallows and making Smores. I think this was their first experience of having fun with a fire and it was a joy to watch them.
They got the hang of it pretty quick...
...while I wasn't so lucky. I caught mine alight. Still tasted good though.
Yum! Note Max's shirt, he wore it for me since I'm the #1 SpongeBob Fan.
"Fire's cool." Beavis & Butthead quote.
Max sums it up. A crazy happy day! And a promise to return as the boys missed riding their bikes here this time and Debbie wants to bring Lucky. Sounds like another Fire Pit Party is in the making.

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