Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Copper Fox Distillery

On Saturday, I went with some friends to visit a distillery in Sperryville, VA. It was far too cold to be outside so this was a superb opportunity to experience something new. I was not keen to spend all day indoors, so excellent idea Tim!
I was keen to try out the Wasmunds whiskey after reading about it on their website and it was awesome to learn we had a famous distillery almost on our doorstep. I was also amazed to discover from the website that it was sold in the local ABC store, walking distance from my home.
We arrived and immediately started the tour. The place had a welcoming homey atmosphere with a fire blazing and the owners' cats sleeping on nearby chairs.
This is Chip, a massive affectionate tabby.
I would love to work at this desk!
Here's the owner Rick, smelling the mash. We were invited to smell it also so I promptly shoved my head down and took a deep sniff. And just as promptly recoiled as my nose lining disintegrated and my eyes watered. I couldn't even speak, the smell was so bad. Of course this was the desired effect and Rick was immensely amused.
He explains here how the whiskey sits in these used bourbon barrels with smoked fruit wood chips suspended in them. He let us smell the small jar on top of the barrel and this time I smiled with delight at the gorgeous aroma, sweet, woody and smokey. I was itching to take a sip but managed to let go of the jar as the next person gently prised it from my fingers.
Here's some barrels with the whiskey aging inside.
This is the station where the bottles are labeled and then sealed with wax.
Our group. Tim holding his barrel kit which he'd just purchased, Jay holding his bottle of malt whiskey, and Pam and I holding copies of The Town Crier, just in case this local paper prints our photo.
The small store where the whiskey is sold. It also sold souvenirs such as t-shirts, shot glasses and model trucks. I bought the Copper Fox Rye Whiskey simply because I liked the label. We were allowed to taste the whiskey due to laws but we could sniff them.
After chatting to Rick and petting the animals, 2 cats and 2 dogs, we wandered across the way to an antique store. The place was massive but cold with only a wood stove near the register. We didn't stay too long but I shall come back when it's warmer. Our tummies were crying out by now so we went into town to find food.
Pam had been recommended a restaurant by a friend so we headed there and I had a wonderful chicken burger accompanied by a superb local beer. We headed back to Tim's car with full bellies and drove back home. As soon as I got through my front door I staged a photo with my bottle of whiskey and called Barb to invite her round and sample the stuff. It was all I could do to not open it until she arrived but she was in my rocking chair within the hour and we spent a few hours chatting and sipping the golden nectar. Cheers!


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