Monday, December 7, 2009

First December Snow

On Saturday, Kota and I were laying in bed enjoying the sound of the rain against the windows and snuggling under warm covers and fleeces. It slowly dawned on me that the rain had turned to snow and was coming down thick and fast. I leaped out of bed, dressed quickly, pulled on boots, jacket and hat, grabbed my camera bag and headed out of the door, leaving Kota looking at me as if to say, 'Are you in your right mind?'
I didn't want to go too far as the roads were getting covered quickly so I drove to the Manassas Battlefields, paid my fee, grabbed a large umbrella and started trudging. The wind was very strong and my umbrella was almost vertical as I pushed against the force of the snow trying to keep my camera dry.

This image of Stonewall Jackson shows the angle of the snow. I was the only one there walking about and was glad nobody witnessed me trying to wrestle my umbrella and wield my camera. After a few shots, I tramped over towards some cannons. They looked wonderful under a large tree which due to the force of the wind was only half covered in snow.

There are a few blobs on the images of snowflakes which evaded my efforts to keep them off my lens. The wind blew through my jacket and fleece so I decided to seek sanctuary in my warm car and explore further afield. Some of the park area had already been closed off but I found a small track which led to the officers' offices. Driving slowly, I decided to observe from the car to find a shot rather than walk up and down. 
Because I was driving so slowly, I was lucky enough to catch this doe as she wandered through the woods. Further along the track, I noticed a small lake so grabbing the umbrella again, I left the car.

I came across this little winter wonderland and crouched down to shield myself a little better. Once I taken enough photos, I decided to call it a morning and headed back home for a hot chocolate. Kota was still sitting on the bed, and threw me a look which clearly said, 'I don't believe you sometimes.' Whatever, Kota!


kemp-y-QUA!! said...

while i do agree with Kota, these photos are beautiful and certainly worth a morning spent wrestling an umbrella :)

Heideldy Deideldy said...

I ALWAYS love your pictures!