Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cool Things from the English Trip

The High Street of West Moors where Mum and Dad live. Greg and I spent a few late evenings in The Elephant and Castle pub. Some of these images are not very good quality because they were taken through a car window.

This is Louise who owns the Moorsvale Lodge B&B. The place is very comfortable and immaculate. I became friends with Louise and was very impressed when she emailed me back in the States to let me know she'd woofed a bag of Take 5's that I left behind and wanted more. You go, girl!

Her breakfasts were amazing. We had this every morning with toast and marmalade washed down with a pot of tea. I chuckle when I see this photo as Greg is sitting so patiently with his hands in his lap while I took the photo, when I know he was dying to tuck in!

Mum and I outside Moorvale Lodge.
A butcher and produce shop in the village. These are slowly disappearing as the larger grocery stores steal their business.

One of the beautiful houses in West Moors.

 A fun Beetle seen in Maidstone.

Boxley Road in Maidstone, where I shared a house after leaving home. The stone wall surrounds Maidstone Prison where the Kray Brothers were incarcerated.

St. Michael's Church in Maidstone where Greg and I were baptized.

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