Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

It is now 6 days that I have been without my little roommate and close companion, Kota. I have had little interest in writing my blog but wanted to post something to say thank you to the wonderful and kind support that I've received from friends during this period of pain.

Everyone who's close to me will know what a big part this little fella plays in my life and every day that he's away from home is a day of suffering for me. I have been overwhelmed with kind words and offers of help since his disappearance. Neighbors who spent a few minutes each day fussing Kota while he did his rounds outside now hang their heads with compassion when they see me while friends in the area have helped to look and put up posters and even send posters to their friends to put up.

I have really appreciated the phone calls, e-mails and hugs, the chance to cry on someone's shoulder and the countless words of advice, tips and consolation from friends and colleagues, and some from complete strangers.

Posters have been put up in the area, in animal clinics, grocery stores, the local library, on lamposts and trees and even the dump. Local contractors have taken posters and an ad has been placed on Craigs List. Another ad will run in the Washington Post print version for 5 days starting Thursday, and the online version for 7 days including photos, with an ad going in the local free paper, The Express, also distributed by the Washington Post.

If anyone has any other ideas, I would welcome the suggestions and please email me, debbykaralee@msn.com, if you think there's anything else I can do or if you've heard of suggestions from others.

The place seems so empty without his frequent mieows as he's such a vocal and friendly chap. His two chairs have their cushions and throws plumped and arranged just as he likes them, his hammock has his toys waiting to be played with and his bowls sit in the kitchen ready to be filled.
I have had to pause while writing this as I recieved a call from a lady who saw Kota's poster that is distributed by Home Again to local vets. This fabulous lady belongs to a group associated with Neigborhood Watch and is going to send out a poster to about 900 e-mail addresses in my area and also local rescue groups who actively look for lost pets. She recounted some recent found pet stories and had me sobbing on the phone as I couldn't take it in that such a warm generous person was going to take action like this for me for no fee whatsoever.
Oh Kota, I hope that wherever you are, you have received the same unconditional kindness that I have been so fortunate to receive from friends and strangers in the last few days. Please come home soon, Kota, I miss you so much.

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