Thursday, March 5, 2009

Revisited Hospital, MD

On Saturday, a small group of us decided to return to a hospital we'd visited last year, and which had also been my first day of urban exploring. On our previous visit, I'd not had a tripod and had been so keen to document everything, that I had failed to be more creative with my photography. I'd been surfing the internet and had found a thread of a few other explorers commenting on this hospital. They had warned others not to go there as it was haunted and strange sounds had been heard as well as two people saying they'd seen mists rising in some of the buildings.

Feeling quite creeped out, we headed for a building which had previously been inaccessible. It was surrounded by barbed wire with bars at the windows. A previous visitor had staged these CPR dummies successfully as in the gloom this scene was quite haunting. There were medicinal drugs scattered around and we took great care not to touch anything as we'd heard rumors of the place being an HIC testing center.

We found an old day room with bars at the windows and a metal box that once surrounded the TV. There were numerous old computer monitors on the floor and I took this shot of the room focusing on a spider web coated in dust.

There was a scrabble board and pieces scattered on the floor and I couldn't resist leaving our signature on the board.

I loved this decaying office with the daylight pouring in.

This is the back end of a derelict bus behind of one of the buildings. I love the way the color of the seats matched the light panel.

The two shots above are from inside the chapel. I took a lot of photos here as sadly someone had been throwing stones through some of the glass windows and I suspect that they won't be intact for another visit.

I doubt that these two lovely old soda bottles will be around for much longer, so I was really pleased to be able to capture them. We only managed to cover about half of the buildings before the dusk crept in and we had no intention of staying longer. One of us had been in a courtyard taking shots when I made him jump as I tapped on the window. His alarm was explained as he had been certain that I was behind him as he'd heard distinct footsteps but I'd been in a different part of the building! I had also taken two cameras, as is my policy now, so that I always have a backup, yet in the same building, neither of them would work despite constant fiddling for about 20 minutes, and when I borrowed another camera, the battery died as soon as I turned it on. All cameras worked fine once I'd left the building. Weird, huh?


Heideldy Deideldy said...

don't be creeping me out on a Saturday night! hahahaa

Seri said...

Which hospital was this?