Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vegas Scrapbook

After spending an evening watching horror movies, I woke up to spend a sedate Sunday with Lori. We resumed our places opposite each other at the table and opened containers, boxes, wallets and bags, spreading the contents over all surrounding floor space and much of the table, while ensuring we each had a 14" square work area in front of us. We'd not scrapbooked for about five or six weeks so some time was spent familiarizing ourselves with previous weeks' creations, and reassuring each other how well we'd done.

My last scrapbooking entry was back in August and we've only completed 20 pages in total since then. As our albums will only hold 24 pages, we're on the home streak, but that was not going to make us rush to finish. We spent 8 hours on Sunday working hard and still only completed 3 pages each. This blog entry shows some of my completed pages so far. The page above is one of the pages showing Madame Tussauds where I met my favorite actor of all time, Gerard Depardieu.

The above page is at the MGM hotel where we saw KA by Cirque de Soleil. Cameras were prohibited so we don't have shots of the performance but it was amazing, entrancing and spellbinding. At the gift shop afterwards, I found a handbag on sale from $270 to $80 which I have used continuously since purchase and unfortunately is now showing wear.

This is the Hoover Dam which we saw from above. We took a helicopter tour which covered the Dam, the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and a skyline tour of the Vegas strip. Lori and I kept laughing at the corny TV western music which was being fed to us through our earphones. We also laughed as our little helicopter swayed from side to side and bobbed up and down throughout the flight as though in perpetual turbulance. Some people found the constant movement a little unnerving over the Grand Canyon, but we'd just recently ridden all 3 rides at the top of the Stratosphere so nothing was going to frighten us!

Freemont Street in Downtown Vegas was spectacular. This area is vintage Vegas with wonderful old fashioned neon lights and casino fronts. It's like being in a different time zone from the Strip.

There is also the largest video screen in the world which is over five football fields long. Each evening they play music videos every hour or so and everyone stops with faces turned upwards to watch the show.

We stayed in the Bellagio in one of the Penthouse suites which was a wonderfully luxurious experience and had a limousine take us there from the airport. The suite overlooked the fountains and it felt like we were the Queens of Vegas as we stood and watched the fountain show with glasses of wine and the music coming from the sound system piped throughout the suite. The following video is of the suite.

Our four days there were packed with activities and fun, days that we wanted to remember in full and colorful detail in our scrapbooks. A simple photo album would not have done our vacation justice, so plenty of texture, glitter and embellishment needed to be added to capture the excitement and vitality of such a vibrant city.

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